Friday, May 22, 2009

Top Five Household Cleaners

•Ammonia: This works as a good disinfectant, but when mixed with water makes an excellent glass cleaner and surface polisher. And I have used it to strip the wax off my kitchen floors.

•White vinegar: It is extremely practical in taking out stains when used properly.

•Baking soda: Use this mixed with a little water on your hard surfaces to clean them up. It works great in the refrigerator both to wipe it down, and, if you keep an open box inside, to remove odors.

•Bleach: This chemical is important because it will clean anything off and kill almost any bacteria. If you have some growing mold, bleach it. If you want to make sure something is really clean, bleach it. Just be careful with it, since it can burn your hands and permanently ruin furniture and clothing.

•Liquid dish detergent: This little item is obviously useful when cleaning dishes, but mix it with some water and rub it on almost any surface, including carpet, to wipe spots clean and disinfect at the same time.

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