Friday, June 12, 2009

Be sure to Enter My Bella Sara Prize Pack- Giveaway

Bella Sara is the most successful trading card product ever created for young girls. Bella Sara offers young girls positive and inspirational messages. Bella Sara is adding a ninth series to it’s already successful horse and fantasy themes. The newest line is the Royalty line where Sara, the goddess of North of North (the fantasy land) will finally be introduced to her fans.

In the Bella Sara collection, there are special codes in the trading cards that will allow your little girls to get some special treats. There is also a parental control option so you can limit what your child can or can not do in the Bella Sara world.

Bella Sara is a safe and fun online and trading card game. It is something safe for young girls to do online, but will also bring them together in real life with their friends when they play and trade cards.

Give Thanks to Team Mom for the Giveaway!!

Buy it: Visit Bella Sara online to see where you can purchase the trading cards and other Bella Sara items.

Win it: One reader will win a Bella Sara prize pack which comes with 1 Royalty, 1 Miniatures and 1 Treasures Bella Sara collection.

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