Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fish 'n Chips Seafood Batter Mix Review

Fry English-style battered fish just like fish 'n chips shops! Just add water to this special mix, and make today's most popular batter-fried fish at home! Fries to a delicious crispy, golden brown.

My Review:

Do you love Long John Silvers batter dipped fish and chicken? My husband has bought Fish'n Chips Seafood batter from McCormicks' twice, and I swear by saying it tastes just like the fish you buy at Long John Silvers' My husband is an avid fisherman, so we have tried so many different brands of fish batter. I kid you not, this is the very best out there. I can't wait for the next fishing trip-even if it is only the to meat department at the grocery store!

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