Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Bad Science T-Shirt

Henry Company was incorporated in 1981 and has roots dating back more than 70 years. The roof coatings manufacturer, after developing the reputation as a leader in quality, sought to expand the Henry brand beyond its Southern California base.

Henry began a period of intense expansion, beginning in the 1980s, and culminating in 1998 with its acquisition of Monsey Bakor—a leading manufacturer of roof coatings, cements, and driveway maintenance products, serving the Eastern U.S. and Canadian markets for over 50 years. This expansion has created a national powerhouse in the roofing products industry, making Henry Company the largest North American manufacturer of roof coatings and cements. Henry is also a world leader in highly specialized, industrial coatings and emulsions.

Visit their site and complete the online form to request a free "No Bad Science" t-shirt.

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