Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Super AGR+ Complete Animal Clipper Kit Review

•Powerful, detachable blade clipper for quick and easy results during any procedure
•15 percent faster, 10 percent smaller
•Cordless operation provides easy mobility around animals
•2 removable Ni-MH battery packs can be charged seperately from clipper
•Compact charger recharges battery in 8 to 10 hours and will not overcharge
•Charger recharges and conditions battery to maximum performance overnight
•Runs continously for one hour
•Quiet operation will not frighten sensitive or injured animals
•Hair won't be blown into wounds or incisions since the AGR+ operates cool without fans
•Car adapter for quick charges at on-site visits
•Virtually mainenance-free with no oiling of internal parts needed
•Kit includes: Rechargeable clipper, #40SS CeramicEdgeTM detachable blade set, Charging unit, 2 Ni-MH battery packs, Car Adapter, Storage case, 4 oz. clipper oil, Instructions.

My Review: My Shih Tzu has been clipped-sheared actually. She looks and feels great. She walks around with her head held up, like she knows she looks good. The main fact I love the clipper is that it runs quietly-it doesn't scare her to death and it gets a close cut without hurting her. I recommend this product to any one with pets,cats or dogs.

You can purchace this at Beauty Supply Stores.

Visit: http://andis.com

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