Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review/ Giveaway: WIN a Lifetime Premium Membership to Break Pal

Want to be in better shape? Want to get more done in your day? Without losing a minute of your precious time. (Actually gaining time)

There is a way with Break Pal

Working at a computer is not natural to the body. We’re just not meant to lie sedentary for that long at a time. It causes a whole host of problems. It’s becoming a *widespread problem* in our country and

*Increase Your Productivity
*Increase Your Health and Fitness
*Help You stay in a Better Mood
*Decrease the Risk of Computer Related Injuries

Break pal is really a simple idea. Yet it’s never been done before. They offer a Great workplace wellness program.

Here’s how it works.

At predetermined intervals a desktop application pops up on your computer, It not only reminds you to exercise but delivers an easy to do 3 to 5 minute workout right to your desktop. Workouts are interesting and fun and come in a variety of types.

– Cardio
– Cardio Kung Fu
– Yoga
– Simple Stretching-deskercise
– Chair aerobics
– Chi Kung
– Dance aerobics

Some exercises can be done in a chair and others are standing but they can all be done in a small space without equipment. The system is built upon a social network. Users score points for doing the exercises and their friends on the network can see their points. “Break Pals” encourage each other to work out if they see that their friends are lagging behind a bit. Essentially you have workout friends with you all the time.

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