Monday, October 11, 2010

Giveaway: Win a Intelligender Prediction Test and Babys best Milk Drops

Welcome to Intelligender! They have revolutionized baby gender discovery with the world’s first in-home, urine based Gender Prediction Test. IntelliGender was founded in 2006 and has over 500,000 satisfied customers worldwide. At the core of their success is their goal of providing high quality, fun, affordable pre-birth experiences for the expectant mother and healthy essentials for mom and baby.

The Intelligender product line continues to expand, now including more exciting products for Mom and baby. Their new IntelliCeuticals products are made of proven remedies, herbal extracts, and flower essences all formulated to promote physical, emotional or psychological health and restore balance in the body. They are safe, effective, and designed to bring you relief from the stresses of pregnancy and early motherhood.

Their Gender Prediction Test is about 82% accurate (real world results). Using first morning urine when testing is critical. Failing to do so could lead to an inaccurate or inconclusive result. No sexual intercourse at least 48 hours prior to testing.

Cost: $34.95

Baby’s Best Milk Drops

As all mom’s know, breast milk is the best possible food for babies! There has been research to suggest that babies who are breastfed go on to develop higher IQ’s, are far less likely to develop allergies – and the act itself provides a wonderful bonding opportunity with the nursing mother. Breastfeeding also has the extra advantage to help shed those clingy unwanted pounds!

Works as an outstanding breast feeding stimulant
Helps to support the natural flow of the mother’s milk
Provides a strong lactation reaction in the nursing mom
Supports healthly digestion for mother and baby

Price: $21.95

One of my girfriends at work just found out she is pregnant and I so can't wait to give these to her to try, she has been trying for a year and finally told us 3 weeks ago she is expecting-how exciting!

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