Monday, October 11, 2010

Giveaway: Win the Popular Game of “Cranium Scribblish “

Cranium Scribblish is a hilarious new game that’s like a cool mashup of the old schoolyard favorite, “The Telephone Game” and Pictionary. Simple, outrageous, and a ton of fun. Everybody grabs a card, chooses a caption, and then tries their best to draw it in 45 seconds. From there you pass on your drawing (now with the original caption concealed in a cool Cranium scroll) to another player, who has to write a caption for your sketch. This mayhem continues around the room with more sketches and captions until the end when everyone tries to figure out how “this” became “that”. Oh, and if you’re not exactly a Picasso, no problem. Stick figures work just fine.

Indulge your inner doodler with Cranium Scribblish. Guaranteed fun for ages 8 to 80ish.

Product Features:

*Cranium Scribblish is the game of outrageous drawing and confusing conclusions that?s fun for the whole family!
*Not an artist? No problem! Scribble your way to victory.
*Let the funniest moments win with Cranium Scribblish!
*Everyone plays at the same time, every turn, with Cranium Scribblish.
*Great for all ages and drawing skills.

My Review:

This is a good game for a group of imaginative people of all ages. My husband, friend and I had so much fun playing this game. I do feel the more players you have and different age ranges, the better. Totally a great game for family night and partys.


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